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June 06, 2013


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Dale Favier

Ah, you need a Norse kenning for lichen, that's what you need. Stone-Frill?


Dale, you're so great. That's a lovely one.

Robin J.

"On the moor"?

Norm Deplume

I had some ideas, but I really like "stone frill" better than anything that I thought up.


I did a quick Google search and came up with Litmose which is old Norse for "lichen for dyeing". I think it's pretty whatever you come up with. :-)


Svella means swell like a wave, which is what it reminds me of. I look forward to seeing it.


That is a lovely shawl and I cannot wait to see it in print. I think Bitter Tonic is an awesome name for a knitting pattern but Stone Frill might be better for this *specific* pattern.

Barbara campbell

Are you going to release the pattern ? Maybe sea urchin?

Pat L

Hi Larissa, how about something like Frilled Lichen, Sea Anemone, Frilled Ammonite or Lichen Treasure. Just 4 ideas. Whatever you name it, it is going to be gorgeous - a must make!


Since it swirls how about Swirling Lichen's. Whichever name you choose it will be lovely as all your shawl designs are.


I saw the Lichen Shawl on Knitting Paradise and fell in love! I am taller than average and would like to make it lots larger. Double the amount of stitches? More pattern repeats? Whatbwould you suggest?

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