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May 01, 2013


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Cindy (Maxfun on Ravelry)

I favorited it yesterday. Looks really cute!


Gave away one! I love giving away patterns.


Dactyl is in my "Favorites" on Ravelry! I like how it wraps around and almost looks like a vest. Great color too!


Such a cute pattern! I added it to my queue. And, I've got just the yarn for it!

culabrat on ravelry


It's beautiful! And, yes, your friend is super cute, too :)
I added it to my favorites on Ravelry.


OMG making this, it is so cute! It's been queued:)


Love this design--been queued!


I love the setting - so glad to work near Director Park for lunchtimes outside. I favorited it on Ravelry (abbybush). I look forward to knitting this in that park this summer!


Aw, I'm #8. But I faved it on Ravelry anyway, because it is lovely!!


Monica, let me know your ravelry name. I'm sure I have one more of these to go around. :)

Barb Collins

I put it in my queue and favorites! Thanks, its really cute.

(Not That) Joan

Number eleven? No matter, I still liked it on Ravelry, because I do!


Definitely not in the neighborhood anymore but the pattern has been added to my Ravelry queue. Dactyl seems like something I would wear a lot. Maybe by itself and maybe under a hoodie or a coat. Even considering breaking out some precious handspun.

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