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March 13, 2013


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Ouch! I hope you feel better soon. While ibuprofen makes things feel better, it just masks the pain, so make sure you're really better before you dive back in to the knitting! (ask me how I know. ouch.)

Dale Favier

Next time we're in the cockpit together gimme a crack at those hands, & we'll see if a couple minutes' Old Norse massage does any good.


I'd take Dale up on his offer. Really. Do it.
In the mean time your stories sound intriguing.
Here is to healthy hands!


I feel for you- I am doing physio for osteoarthritis in my thumb joint, and the cold is not helping either. Who knew parts wore out on 49-year-old women? I've only been knitting 44 years, after all;)


Oh, I'm sorry to hear about the owies.

Your color choices are delicious.

Wish you well, as Mr. Rogers always said!

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