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January 30, 2013


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What an interesting concept! I'm not sure - I don't snack in reading - but I don't have an e-reader. I could see myself doing it. I think right now, I'm snacking on junk food - quick info, but I think if I'm more mindful I could do much better.

Dale Favier

One of the first things that comes to my mind, now, when a bit of writing occurs to me, is: is this a facebook/twitter -sized thing, or a blog-sized thing?

The interaction, the immediate feedback, is more striking to me though than the bite size. For good and ill, I've come to expect an immediate response from writing something, and I know that pulls me towards writing certain kinds of things, and away from others. I worry about it some.

sarah gilbert

Well, yes! Definitely! In many ways, and like Dale I think of thoughts as

1. "micro-flash" nonfiction, for Twitter -- and that's part of the whole concept behind #cnftweet and #storythief (where we're actually *printing* these bite-sized stories)
2. someone longer, but meant for Facebook, meant to spark discussion or engagement or just a lot of "likes" and maybe "shares" (I'm very motivated by likes)
3. the blog, which I've come to think of as more "flash nonfiction" as I've read and participated more in flash nonfiction as a form. The book I've been reading this week, the Rose Metal Press guide to flash nonfiction, has me all wrapped up in that exercise.

I am very much writing purposely in snack-sized portions, though it's not all I want to write, by any means. I still love its elegance and immediacy and the very fluid, powerful, mysterious quality of good flash non-fiction. something has to always be left unsaid, and that's the most amazing part of all (as someone, mind you, who often tries to say everything over and over again).

Sadly, it's not faster to write in snack-sized bits. I've been working on a piece about my ride to school two days ago for the whole two days. Hopefuly by the time you click on cafemama... it will be done... (wait. wait to click.)


"I've been working on a piece about my ride to school two days ago for the whole two days." Sarah, you crack me up. Also, you make me realize time and again that I'm lucky to have you as an inspiring friend and that I know very little about social media. :J I'm not sure how to even follow some of these things let alone contribute to them. One of these days....


There has been some trend of extremely short fiction (50 words or less) contests, and of course 6-word fiction that shows up on Twitter now and then.

I'm a bit of a knitting snacker too - the most tasty one I've got going now is this simple design: http://woolandbricks.tumblr.com/post/39744560873/paw-warmers

Love the little hearts kind of hidden on those.

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