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November 25, 2012


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A spectrum of grays would complement those greens, I bet, as well as cream. Less certain about non-neutrals, but someone smart (like the Mason-Dixon ladies and so many others) will probably have some great ideas.



I'm not starting another blanket! I have been doing the Barn Raising Quilt blocks out of handspun yarn samples and leftovers and started a garter stitch blanket squares very similar to the BRQ out of leftover sock yarns. Halfway done with the first and third of the way with the second.

I did come up with a plan though for the BRQ. I'm treating it like a quilt and going to group the colors in a nine patch.


I love the look of this -- so, so pretty.


Grays and golds would both be great, thanks! Today, I got my mind set on recreating colors from the Icelandic farm I visited.



No color suggestions from me, but I just wanted to say that's beautiful! And Malabrigo is always the baby bear of knitting for me. Love it.

Rachel Erin

I love greens, teals, and aquas with cranberry red, pomengranite, or peach - even ashes of roses if one is more of a pink person than I am.
Eggplant would be gorgeous, as well. But then, I love tertiary color combinations.


I am so infatuated with this (perfectly square) little square! I love the idea of the greens with shades of grey, winter creams and maybe a frothy pale pink or blood red to complement the mossy tones.


Ooh, blood red! Very nice idea. With the frothy pink, too, I think.


I posted the other day, but my comment has gone poof! I will try again -- I think deep roses would look great with the colors you've listed.

And I like this square a lot -- will you be making the pattern available at some point? Please?


chocolate brown...bittersweet.....or milk...

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