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August 24, 2011


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I'm currently making a throw with an interesting mix of purling, cabling and YOs. It's a very unique pattern and is going to be beautiful and cozy. :)


I just finished a design that uses a rib and cable motif. It started as a pattern for my daughter. Now, I think I will write it up. It didn't turn out as I expected but that was ok. The shape of the cable looks like a banana so be on the look out for the Chiquita Cowl :)

Marie/Underground Crafter

Not entering your giveaway but just wanted to stop by and say that your pattern is lovely!


I'm with you when it comes to feather and fan. My favorite thing (currently) is to use it to make scarves with self-striping sock yarn.


I love my Pacific Shawl, which I designed with a Feather and Fan-type border. I love the way it makes the edge scallop. To modernize the look, I added beads to the feather and fan portion. My first bead project; I love it!

Thanks for the giveaway. Fun!


I love the Little Braided Cables socks...nothing is better then an interesting sock pattern.


I'm a big fan of Old Shale lace also! I've made so many projects using it that I've lost count. One that I was especially proud of though was a crescent shaped shawl that used old shale except that I replaced the yo's with m1s and did 2 row stripes so I had a scarf of waving lines and ridges. I gave it to my bff as a going away present when she moved.

Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I love your Mica Cowl!

Mama Urchin

Not to be kissing up but I really love the feather and fan bonnet from you. I love how the stitch pattern creates the shape of the bonnet. I've made it several times.


I love working with basic stitches in new ways, such as the baby pullover I made last year that was knit in garter stitch but side-to-side (from the book Weekend Knitting), and the great use of garter stitch in Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. Thanks for the giveaway!


Congratulations! It's a beautiful cowl.

Recently, I have been enamored with garter stitch. Simple, yet pretty to look at. I am working on a few projects that is garter stitch based. The experimenting phase is a lot of fun.

Judy (norskiknits on Ravelry)

I am in love with garter stitch, especially striped garter stitch. There are so many possibilities for structure as it is an even stitch both vertical and horizontal, plus it is reversible!


OK - yet again you amaze me!


I'm using a selection of old orkney and shetland lace patterns to make a shawl for my first baby. I'm using an elizabeth zimmermann pi-shawl shape and trying to plug them in. I hope it will connect our forthcoming child to their scottish roots.


I'm making a lace insert for an otherwise simple sweater!

Stitched Together

I made a Multnomah last year which uses feather and fan, which is a stitch I love, with it's curves.

Little Miss S

Love your cowl. So fall'ish and pretty. I love to use traditional patterns (lace, cables and colourwork) in baby blankets. The shape is easy, the amount of knitting is not to big, and I love the unexpectedness of patterns used in new contexts.

Natalie aka @cloudynatknit

That looks beautifully subtle. I love the yarn choice with this pattern :)

LeAnn Aguilar

Beautiful cowl!

I like using traditional stitch patterns when I work on fingerless gloves. A single cable running up a fingerless glove looks so pretty!


Very pretty. I love cowls.


I love simple, traditional patterns for socks especially. My favorite pair of socks is a simple rib. My most recent pair of socks has a very cool moss stitch rib that looks great (if I do say so myself.)

I love your cowl! I've never made one but I should! I wear stuff like that all the time!


I love traditional cables. Staghorns, especially. They're fun to do, and there's one that'll look good on anything!

Heidi H

WOW! Great giveaway!

I love using simple stitch patterns when I do scarves. IMO, there's nothing more relaxing than making a scarf that incorporates simple stiches that when finished turn into something gorgeous that looks like it took a lot of effort.

OneOfTheHive on Ravelry & Twitter :-)


I love using traditional lace patterns to make baby blankets.
The cowl is lovely!

Cathy B

Early in my sock knitting career, I decided to create an eyelet design on the leg of my socks but had trouble with doing this in the round. My design would shift one stitch every repeat. It was a learning experience but aren't those the most valuable ones?


I've only been knitting since February, so not a lot of experience to call on! However, I am very pleased with a feather and fan scarf I made using Malabrigo Lace. I thought at first that the yarn obscured the pattern, so I added beads to highlight the curves. Turned out beautifully!


I made a... um, well, I still have to finish a baby blanket in chunky yarn using feather-and-fan. Fun! Love that cowl.


I designed & knit a aran sweater for my husband using traditional techniques with some modern ideas. It is the thing I am most proud of knitting for sure!

Love the cowl, it's beautiful!


I love to use just stockinette and reverse stockinette in "stripes" - it looks great in scarves and requires little thinking!

Kimberly (aka Melanthe on Rav)

Congratulations on getting your pattern into Knit Circus, it is very lovely.

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