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November 19, 2007


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Oh I'd offer to knit you a hat, but my knitting is full till like 2009. Do you not have a hat from last year? ;)


I would totally knit you a meathead hat, dude ;-) What color?

Mama Urchin

Larissa, I have a feeling you'll be inundated with hats. I'm happy to knit you one, no trade required.


You're more than welcome to the red snowflake Meathead I made for the KAL. It gives me a rash so I can't wear it *sigh* but as it's picture went into the book I also couldn't send it off to someone I didn't know would give it a good home. Say the word and it can be in your mailbox pronto. Yarn in trade is fine but totally not necessary, don't think I'll run out anytime soon. ;)


Well, considering that I've made five of them since getting the pattern on Saturday, I'm sure I could spare one...address please!


Hi all,

Thank you so much! I'll email you individually.

Korin, my hat from last year was very thick fleece and it *shrunk*. It is so small it makes my head ache, so I take it off. Also, I'd made a calorimetry headband recently, and I lost it when I had a seizure in the park (along with my glasses!)



I'm hatless too. I make the hats. I don't wear the hats. My head is cold and I never think I should do anything about it.

I need to make somebody else a hat, though, and it shall be Dulles.

In other news, very happy to hear that Nordstrom has got the MDK fever. xox Kay


Oh man! Losing a calorimetry AND your glasses due to a seizure. bummer! I actually have a mini calorimetry around here somewhere that looks dorkish on me, I'll bring it next time I go to tandem :D


Oh, there's my boy! Thanks for the warm fuzzies today on my third day back to work...

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