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October 11, 2005


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IT may be rainin but we're planning a trip to Fir Point Farms this Sat AM. They have animals to visit (goats/sheep/chickens), pony rides, corn maize town, Hazle's Nut House (a little wooden house filled with a bunch of hazlenuts -- think ball pit only not so plastic) and of course huge sunflowers and the pumpkin patch. It's not Sauvie Island but it's definitely fun and offers lots of photo ops. E-mail me if you want to join us -- we'll have lots of kiddos running around and some little ones too... so they can all drool along :)


I too want a pumpkin picture. I was carrying a pumpking INSIDE me last time I was at the patch. I want to pose him in the middle of the whole pile in his little work boots and plaid flannel jacket and snap away. Our patch is only open on the weekends though (I think) and the past few weekends have pretty much sucked.

Here's hoping we'll get there (you and I) sometime this season. Juniper looks so sweet out there!


Oh! An October without pumpkins! I hope you do get the chance.

I'm waiting until next weekend because I have bad luck with them rotting. But, I made some little ghosts out of scrap white fabric and hung them on the light pole in the front yard. I am hoping we'll get some trick-or-treat kids this year!


Oh I'm so looking forward to going pumpkin hunting with kiddies in tow! No preggers here yet, though. Maybe next year ;)


Although crisp, clear weather would have been preferable, last year, we went to the patch in the snow, because it was the last weekend before Halloween, and that's when the Papas could be convinced to go.
NOTHING must stop the pumpkin getting!
My dad was the pumpkin-getter in our family. I'm not sure Mom even came along.

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