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August 28, 2004


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They do look like a really good udon. I can't wait to get my kit.
The little sheep measuring tape is made by Lantern Moon.


If you have room for any more knitters, I'd love to join. Yarn looks yummy, and hats are so quick!


Oh! That first picture could be a photo from my house! Welcome to a typical day here.

I can't wait to get my hands on that yarn. It looks great!


mmmmmmmmm....the yarn looks so yummy! hehe b/c it does look like udon noodles and it's because it's yarn..period.. ;)


I have never seen that much yarn in all my life. It makes me think of Raman (a.k.a. Long Curly Noodle Soup). And sadly, I didn't make the sheepy tape measure myself. It actually came from some crafty folks in Vietnam. I think the company that distributes them is "Lantern Moon." I hadn't thought about making them myself...I'll have to look into that. A monkey tape measure would also be a cool.

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