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August 31, 2004


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Hah! I got the yarn yesterday and started and finished knitting it in my carpool today. I just finished sewing it up but my cat cannot leave the yarn or the hat alone! He keeps licking the yarn, my hands which were handling it, and wants to knead the hat. I apologize profusely if there are any stray cat hairs in the hat when you get it. I'll send the hat out tomorrow.


Hi Larissa,
I received my kits also (for myself and Monica). We'll have ours complete by next week.

katie e.

i got my kit this afternoon and sat right down to knit it up - it'll probably be in the mail back to you tomorrow!

Guess Who

Hi Larissa, I see that you are working very hard on this project. Just dropping in to say hi ... heehee. Please give some thoughts to answering some of Heidi's questions...

Your Seret Pal


i'm so excited. i just got my kit yesterday. i'm going to start it tomorrow while i'm at work. i can't wait.


It was Robert Klein..."I can't stop my leg..."

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