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August 21, 2004


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Hey Larissa! If you need more knitters, sign me up. I'd love to help.


yup, if you need more help, I can do one or two. :)


i would love to help you do 2 hats



i live in canada, but if you'll have me, i'll knit you a hat or five or whatever. I actually work at the toronto zoo, and a lady did several art pieces for our first annual ZooArts Festival, wherein she knit various pieces to fit some animals. (Work socks for an elephant, a turtleneck for a giraffe, and pullover for an orangutang, a balaclava for the indian rhino....) It's pretty interesting, and if you'd like to learn more about the whole festival, you can log onto www.torontozoo.com. anyways, i'm not sure about postage and such, but i'd love to help you knit



I'd love to knit for a fellow knitter... Plus the project inspires me. Send me more information.


Hi Larissa!

I'm a new knitter, but I'd love to help out and make a hat! Sounds like an amazing project!


I thought you might have reached your limit by now. I would be happy to knit a couple of hats for you. E-mail me and I'll send you my info.


I'm up for three!


I'll knit a hat for you!
Contact me if you still need help!


you can count me in for a hat if you still need knitters!


if you still need help I will knit a hat or two! I'm a new knitter but hats are my specialty! :)


I'd love to give one a try! You want us all to use the pattern on your website, right? I think I can handle that. Gayle in Bothell, WA


I can knit you 2 hats!

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